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An earlier version of the short I am most proud of, we changed the voiceover to the young boy as some people found the adult voice jarring. I still think it works, it's meant to be him looking back on these event's as an adult, I think it adds a bitter twist, as if the boy never forgave his parents.

I'm really happy with the look of it, I think it's acted beautifully and the sound score is just wonderful.

‘Poor Peter lives a solitary life because all his parents do is argue. Exhausted by their continual ranting caused by the stresses of modern life, Peter seeks solace in the cupboard for a bit of peace and quiet.

Peter shows us just how wise children can be - amplifying the stupidity of adults.

Sadly for Peter he is about to lose the only friend he has in the world when his hideaway is invaded, highlighting a new form of child abuse, that children like Peter have to endure when their parents are fighting, a child abuse that can happen even in the most well to do of households’

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