Testing stop motion method, using HD camera from microfiche. This is an acetate film surface where individual video sequences have been embedded - each frame measures roughly 1.5mm height. The microfiche tray is adjusted by hand for each single frame.
The clip is from lucidity03, clip of a plane landing at St Maarten's beach in the Bahamas.
I practiced swooping gestures, and using tilt angles to give more distortion in the gridlines. Bounding lines also allow for interesting grid layouts. Although the microfiche plates are in pristine condition, the reader attracts dust into its glass tray lens, screen and mirror - so lots of artefacts creep into the final result giving an 'analogue film' feel.
The animation is rather jittery, mainly because I repositioned frames by eye. When I use iStopmotion and onion-skinning the motion should be more refined. There's also a grainy look, caused by filming off the microfiche screen which is a piece of ground perspex. I quite like it, but will try other surfaces out, eg. Mylar.

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