Official trailer for the movie Martin & Orloff, directed by Lawrence Blume.

Written by and starring Upright Citizen's Brigade founding members Matt Walsh and Ian Roberts and featuring a cast of alt-comedy stars including Tina Fey, Andy Richter, Amy Poehler, Jon Benjamin, Janeane Garofalo, Kim Raver, David Cross and Rachel Dratch.

It begins, as do so many things in life, with a man, in this case Martin Flam, returning to his workplace after an extended absence brought on by mental unrest. A suicide attempt, actually, but when we first spot "Marty," he's on his knees in a bathroom, toweling up huge swaths of gore off the tiled floor. This may sound like the perfect setup for a murder mystery, of sorts, but the very funny, seriously twisted Martin & Orloff is so unlike any film you've ever seen it defies comparison…Part surrealist manifesto, part Dada headtrip, and "all fun," this film is off its rockers.

When Martin seeks therapy to treat his habitual depression, he hooks up with Dr. Orloff, a shrink with dubious credentials and an even more malleable notion of sanity. Hijinks, madcap wackiness, and laughs galore ensue. Martin & Orloff is psychotronic culture-jamming at its best, a non-stop parade of "I didn't just see that, did I?" that manages to recall both the comedic chaos theory of the Marx Brother and watching the Python troupe while on a supremely mind-warping weekend LSD bender. Fun for the whole family (if your family's name is Madness).

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