YOMi  is a toy which can provide audio games to get visually impaired children and sighted children to play with each other.

YOMi has multiple inputs which include four different hands. Children are able to select different game cards, since children insert game card, and press start button, select the game level, then children can hold YOMi’s “hands” and follow the directions to do different actions in order to interact with the toy and each other.

Y.O.M.I provides sensory responses to visually impaired and sighted children, lets them not only enjoy playing with each other, but also develop their sense of hearing and fine motor skills. In this way, it enhances their mental and physical health, at same time, expands their social life.

( All pictures and videos in this video belong to author, Blind Babies Foundation and Chandler Tripp School, please don't copy. Thank you.)

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