This was the second Cut of my Timelapse Videoproject I was working on last Year. All the Scenes were Shot in Graubünden, Switzerland, from Juny till November 2011. The Shooting Locations are mostly several Hours away from the next human Settlements. So walking long distances with a Lot of Gear was required.

There are a few other Scenes which i didn't use in the finale Cut. Also I used a different Soundtrack. But I wanted to show the Result anyway and hope to get some feedback. Any Critique is therefore very welcome.

The Soundtrack is - A Symphony of the Sea - by Maverlyn Darkstar - I wish to thank her in this way for the wonderful Soundtrack, even if it didn't make it into the final Cut!

At First I wasn't entirely sure if this Version would work out, but the longer the Time goes since I was working on it, the more I start to like it.

You can find more Information about the Project in the Description of the Finale Cut, which you can find here:

For more Information about myself or my Work, visit my Facebook page: or my Behance Profile

I Hope You enjoy watching this Video!

All Rights reserved!

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