a very touching story of adoption from Kelly boy, Kelly girl, + Posey. we were invited to come into their home and tell this story right before Candice, the birth mother, was set to leave town after Chapel was born. Kelly girl first shared her very powerful story with us to see what we thought and if there was a story there. we were really drawn in by the idea of being able to get involved with such an intimate and personal process that includes some pretty remarkable paths crossing. Joyce started out by calling all of the parties involved, getting an idea of their role and seeing if they would be willing to share their take on camera.

we ended up spending two days with the Kelly's and it was definitely an experience that left quite an impression on everybody involved. this film was commissioned by the Kelly's so that Chapel would know her story and so that they could share their story with so many others who might be struggling with the many different aspects of adoption.


shot with the MKIV for b-roll and the RED Epic for all interviews
lenses included our standard prime kit for DSLRS and the Zeiss CP2 35/50/85mm plus the RED 17-55MM
all interviews were lit with lowel caselights and litepanels. an interview such as Kelly girls used roughly 6 lights total.
Ray handled all audio for the production. he ran a boom for all interviews in addition to a lav as a backup.


the piece was a big pile of media that was both EPIC and DSLR footage. the DSLR footage was cut in FCP and then an XML sent to premiere. the EPIC footage was rough cut inside Premiere. the story was assembled entirely with native files (both DSLR and EPIC) and it wasn't until the second to last revision that the piece was colored in DaVinci and new ProRes 2K master files were created.


All of the music is licensed through With Eiquette's (withetiquette.com) new commercial license options. Many of the artists / songs in this piece are in our Playthis playiist on the With Etiquette site (Amy Seeley, The Dimes, Cars & Trains, Norman, Daniel Dixon).

For licensing inquiries, please contact discovery@storyandheart.com

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