sorry guys but this video isn't a great tutorial, however, it's basic and to the point.
Hardware parts found at Home Depot. Traxxas 1651 on ebay and skateboard bearings ( 8x22x7 mm) ebay. You can substitute the pvc handle and just buy a jump rope because the handles already have the bearing inside and it comes with the soft foam grip.
Youtube link on setting up the gimbal from another youtuber:
Hope the video helps you guys.

Silver Flyer DSLR Stabilizer by Jorge

Traxxas 1651
2 3/4" x 90 Electric Metal Tubes (L-shaped)
5 3/4" Set Screw Couplers

1 Skateboard Bearing
1 Female PVC adapter
1 PVC Pipe
OR Skipping Rope handle with bearing

5/16 and 1/4 drill bits
1 x 5/16" Hex Bolt
2 x 14" and nuts
Plenty of washers... big ones. Optional: Quick release plate - Manfrotto 577 or 2 way Fotomate macro cross slider under $15 dollars. If you are using a 5d or 7d, I HIGHLY suggest you get the macro cross slider too!

When drilling, one set of holes will be 1/4, while the second set for the handle is going to be a bit different.
The top is 5/16, but the bottom is going to have be bigger than the 5/16 to fit the Traxxas. I used the next step up drill bit and still had to bore the hole with another bit to get it wide enough.

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