When Allison Alloy, a no nonsense prison warden, receives terrible news from a doctor, the last thing she wants is for a new inmate (Elliot Spark) to go on a hunger strike to demand a cell with a window.

Forced to talk to him, Alloy enters Elliot's cell with one objective in mind: to get him to eat!

As she listens to Elliot’s story, however, Alloy notices some strange patterns. Perhaps these fables about magic key opening doors into fantastic worlds are more than silly tales. And maybe if she dares to step into Elliot’s world, she can recoup the hope that she lost long ago.

Director: Daniel Berezowsky
Screenplay: Allison Quiller
Story by Daniel Berezowsky & Allison Quiller
Producer: Siobhan Duggan
Director of Photography: Adam Burwell
Production Designer: Lewis Wu
Editor: Andrew Wilson
First Assistant Director: Jake Warren
Camera Operator: Edward Guinn
First Assistant Camera: Rong Sun
Gaffer/Key Grip: Corey Jacques
Art Director: Andrea Weikert
Makeup Artist: Natascha Pedersen
Hair and Makeup Assistant: Rachael Addison
Script Supervisor: Ivana Camou


Elliot Spark: Joshua Hinkson
Allison Alloy: Nneka Croal
Young Elliot: Quinn Dubois
Officer Jenson: Cameron Dent
Ava Karen: Ballantyne
Credo the Creature: Jan Van Vianen
Tyson Alloy: Andrew Alvarez
Elliot’s mother: Siobhan Duggan
Inmate: Adam Terryberry
Elliot’s Mother (Voice): Paula Simpson
Elliot’s Father (Voice): John Pozer

Learn more about this project here: elliot-spark.com

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