Edited and (mostly) shot by Marta Dymek

And there we go again. Another year with my camera.
I lost count of the amount of video scrapbooks I've made, but each consecutive one brings me more joy.
This particular one was a challenge, as music is definitely not my greatest strength, and I know very little about audio production. But, for once, I wanted the video to be entirely mine. Special thanks to Ben Gibbard for writing that lovely song that I loved butchering on the accordion.
Oh, and Marzette Henderson - thanks for those kickass Death Valley "Walking" shots. I never made the Death Valley Trip video, so I just snuck those shots in this one :)

But enough about the technicalities.

I would like to thank every single one of you in the video. And all the ones who for some reason weren't filmed but deserved to be in here. I appreciate your existence very much. Yesterday, as I was finishing up the video, it hit me that I'm surrounded by some of the greatest and most talented people I could have ever hoped for.


Here's to a good 2011, and to an even better 2012!

With love, from me to you.

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