2012 has been a journey of circles for Prymedia, on our quest to find a point to this sphere we inhabit, we have experimented with new technologies, new materials, new inspiration and most of all the closed curve that is prevalent not only in this video but also in the nature that surrounds us, from sound waves and cymatics to the very iris the we perceive the world through visually.

Next stop Spheres!!

This show-reel features stage designs and installations, and also some clips taken from music videos for the likes of Kill Light and Roska.

Festivals Performed at 2012:

Shambala (Kamikaze Stage Design + Visuals / AV set in the Geodome)

Glade (Provided Mapped Visuals In The Geodome)

Freerotation (Mapped Stage Design / live cinema performance of Tri Hita Karana)

Nozstock (Garden Stage Design + Visuals / Live Cinema Performance of "What Remains")

Sheepmusic (The Hive Stage Design / Audio-Visual Performance)

The Music in this video is a cut version of "SGstep" by Kidsuke (Kidkanevil and Daisuke Tanabe)

Its a great album!! Listen and buy below!!!


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