This could easily have been titled "Travel System Test 2."

Always a colorful subject, Car Night at the Toluca Lake, CA, Bobs Big Boy is an enduring tradition in Hollywood. And a place I frequent when testing new cameras ideas.

This night was no exception. I've been putting together a camera / computer / software system optimized for travel and location shoots. A very small, super zoom Canon SX230 HR camera that shoots 1080p24, 720p30 and 12MP stills. An Apple MacBook Air (the more recent version) and Final Cut Pro X editing software.

The piece speaks to the issues of image quality, edit flexibility and the tech systems inside the camera. What you can't see in the piece is how well the MacBook Air performs when editing HD in a three-pound computer. I had wavered between the MacBook Pro and Air, and the lighter machine won. Now it seems that one can have a full edit platform with either.

ALL the shots in this piece were taken hand-held except for two shots perched on a tiny Q-Pod for title backgrounds. The Canon IS system in this camera works very, very well. For a few shots, the Stabilization feature in FCPX ironed out any residual shakes.

One might nit-pick various features of the camera, but pound for dollar, it's capable of stunning results and is sure to do well as a still and video travel camera. For a pocket-size camera (think two iPhones back to back) it has 14X optical zoom—28mm wide to 392mm tele, stereo mics, even SD at 120 fps and the shots are quite good.

As we grow into FCPX, the edit program proves itself more and more, but there are a boatload of tweaks and improvements it needs before Apple can lay claim to professional editing eminence again.

For an edit like this, though, FCPX is exceptionally quick to use.

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