Sugar taste

Stasis is a dream state

To dream of seeing or eating sugar implies that you are prohibiting yourself from experiencing joy, happiness, and satisfaction.

To see a sugar cube in your dream indicates that you should enjoy life rather than being too strict.

Her sugar taste , comes from the past, of her needs, in to the speed, of her thoughts, from the others, in her image

She needs to change. Every moment.
She can not wait
She needs to create one god, her own cleansing ritual, to be safe in her own invisible circle.

Trust, endurance, cleansing, exhaustion, and departure.

Created at the Sacatar Foundation (Bahia, Brazil)2011
Presented at the Slow Down Winter Performance Festival (Amsterdam) 2011

The idea for this project begins on the island of Itaparica, in the region of Bahia. Opposite of the island, in the Bay of all Saints, is the city of Salvador – once the capital of Brazil.
Sugar, was gold then. Yet an average European still consumes roughly 7 kg of sugar a year.
Starting in 15th century, Salvador and Bahia becomes the most influential corner of the world.
In order to sustain the newly built sugar-cane plantations millions of slaves are brought over by the Portuguese to the region.
This is also the birth of Candomblé, the Afro-Brazilian religion considered to be as Animism – the Soul of Nature.

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