Genre: Psychological Horror/Thriller Tagline: This Is Not a Game.

Synopsis: Ten strangers who have been kidnapped by an unknown assailant awaken to find themselves dressed like evil clowns and trapped inside an abandoned warehouse. What ensues is a horrifying tale inspired by true events whereby the strangers must face their inner demons if they are to survive a terrifying nightmare of revenge.


To Elaborate: Similar to SAW, CLOWNS is a tale of revenge of a filmmaker-turned-serial killer who hunts downs and captures the key individuals in his life responsible for his downward spiral. These individuals (aka clowns) are the people who have lied, cheated, mislead, and stolen from this filmmaker and have cost him everything: his family, friends, career, net worth, sanity, and nearly his life. I would coin the revenge-seeking lead character in this horror/thriller as a cross between Kevin Spacey's character in SEVEN and Jigsaw from SAW.

There are two sides to this story taking place simultaneously. On one hand, you have the serial killer being interrogated by FBI Agents to which he confesses to the 20+ other people he's killed (which cleverly sets up the sequels in this franchise) while on the other hand, you have the ten strangers held captive in an unknown, isolated location without food and limited water. Eventually, the strangers (dressed like clowns--- just like all the other people the filmmaker has murdered) gradually turn on each other and become cannibals just to survive, as they must do everything they can to stop from dying of starvation (which is a play upon the filmmaker himself being a "starving artist"). The story is a mind-twisting puzzle but definitely a film that the average person can relate to with regard to getting back at inconsiderate people who make empty promises without any care or concern of how their actions and lies affect the lives and well-being of other people.

Writer/Director: Alexander Kane
Producer: Robert Andrews
Production Company: DMV Entertainment Group

Photographer/Videographer : Rodney L. Ladson
All rights reserved

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