January 08, 2012

Like every normal sundays, the kids went to church, play and talk to each other, listen to biblical stories, waiting for the candies to land upon their hands..

they were kids, acting like grown ups. But at least, they knew God. But for the grown ups who acted like kids..Who never even knew who's liable of their lives. It wasn't late enough, you have eyes to SEE. ears to LISTEN. God has given you that, USE it on how He wanted you to use that.

They said 2012 is the last year of our existence. Who cares whenn???? Why bother? Why tremble? There is our God, waiting on the heaven, ready to give you an eternal life, eternal love, eternal joy, eternal peace. Just pray to him with all your heart. and surrender your life to him.

Godbless You, whoever you are.

i shot it all handheld
used 50mm 1.8 on a canon eos 60d
edited on adobe premiere
graded with presets and mojo

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