That was my first attempt at dry-baking with my new cooking setup, rubbing alcohol and Iso-Clean stove.

Just before Xmas I was able to buy a set of 5 really cheap stainless steel bowls with lids. Sizes ranging from 1,5 to 0,3l, 500g total weight. I wanted to test how they can work as my cooking gear. 1l bowl with two lids (plastic and aluminum) and DIYed handle weights under 150g (or 5 oz) - I think that's "light enough", at least as for one liter stainless steel pot. For baking tray I took 750 ml bowl from the same set. I wanted to try dry-baking with this setup. As it turned out - it's not that hard. It was 75% of a success, and the rest was all my fault.

What went wrong:
I was overheating the stove (result: wasted some fuel, sooting the pot). Probably whole setup was too hot, and that's why it happened. This was fixed after removing the windscreen, I just had to refuel the stove (you can see me starting small fires with a syringe);
There was too much contact surface at the bottom, and little ventilation. This resulted in burned bottom of the bread. I should put a piece of aluminum foil or waxed paper at the bottom of the tray to prevent that and use something else as a spacer. The bread didn't stick to the bottom, it was not a disaster after all.
What went well:
I was having fun;
The bread was overdone, quite crispy at the bottom (even though it was a bit pale on top, it was quite solid there), I could have taken a bigger piece of dough;
It was quite tasty - certainly it tasted way better, than it looked.

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