Klughaus Gallery is proud to present “Dialogue of the Streets,” a solo exhibition of recent works on canvas and selected ceramics by Jesse Edwards, a Seattle based artist The Seattle Times describes as “a teddy bear with a paintbrush and a police record.”


Opening Reception:
Date: Friday, January 13, 2012
Time: 6:00pm-10:00pm
Location: 47 Monroe Street New York, NY 10002

All are welcomed to attend the reception and may RSVP by emailing rsvp@klughaus.net.

Event sponsored by Bomb Lager.

“Dialogue of the Streets” will feature a selection of Edwards’ strongest paintings produced over the last two years, including the classic landscapes and unconventional still lifes he is known for. Edwards’ rare appeal lies in a uniquely successful ability to cross-pollinate the classical 19th Century style of the Old Masters he idolizes with a contemporary subject matter from his personal street life. His oils on canvas are as likely to depict a marijuana plant or a crack pipe as they are a calming Tompkins Square landscape. A still life of a Playboy, a sock, and a jar of Vaseline is rendered as tenderly as a sweeping view of a Pacific Northwest park.

Edwards’ past, which consists of running wild in the streets with some of the most notorious crews from the Northwest, has significantly informed his work. As an escapee from a life of crime, he has been able to channel his energy from the streets into his painting without losing the good-natured ‘Fuck You’ attitude that makes his paintings unique. With a newfound positive outlook on life, Edwards has garnered a reputation as a prolific artist active on both coasts. The Seattle Times describes Edwards as “a formal easel painter living a highly informal life. In spite of his thuggish behavior and attitude, most of the Seattle art community has been very welcoming thanks to his undeniable talent.” Though many compare his techniques to those of the Impressionists and Old Masters like Degas and Rembrandt, Edwards’ subject matter is refreshing, cheeky, raw, suggestive, and relevant when it comes to the reality of the streets—an ironic combination of style and subjects that is uniquely his own.

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