In July 2011 JaguarShoes Collective invited Carnovsky to produce an installation for their flagship Venue. The duo created a series of new works including wallpapers and limited edition prints, a small sample of which is on show here.

The work represents an evolution of thier RGB project: ‘RGB – The black series’ and they explore a new theme: The Night.

The inverted works were printed on a black background and using the principles of their original project, when viewed under their RGB lighting technique the worlds presented appeared in negative. Utilising the natural divide of the internal space at DreamBagsJaguarShoes, Carnovsky separated the installation into two parts, one white and one black, representing day and night. As the images pass from revealed to hidden the layers connect to one another engendering a different empathic resonance in the viewer.

As a piece of design, these intricate collaged etchings, reproduced in large format and illuminated, present beautiful creatures and exuberant, twisted and dense vegetation. The selection of etchings within the narrative of LaSelva (The Jungle); elephants, monkeys, Komodo dragons, dodos… may be seen to present nature in its mythological, now commodified form and more pertinently the work seems to explore mankind’s modern obsession with cataloguing, ordering and ultimately controlling the natural world via the mastery of science.

While the effect is best viewed after dark it can also be achieved looking at the work through Red, Green or Blue filters in daylight.

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