Hi- Here's a 2nd try for my human rights crowd funding film- please do me a favor! After you watch/read- either rewteet/send out the link, or donate $1 :) Cos when you see what my story is, I guarantee you'll feel really sorry for me (unless you work for the mafia ;) Earlier (more succinct IMHO) version of this video: vimeo.com/33942008

This is the video for my crowdfunding pitch for my documentary film to be made in Paris- I'm a homeless, disabled San Francisco native & surivior of mafia sex trafficking attempts. I'm trying to raise, with multiple rounds of funding, money for various film, book & college projects.

The working title is 'Des Gars Beurs de Neuf Trois' -its about Arab Muslim guys (specifically Algerians) living in district 93, Seine St Denis housing projects north of Paris, France- their involvement in crime & beliefs in Islam.

This anti-sextrafficking, modern day abolitionist film is to raise awareness about the human rights crimes of sex and human rights trafficking. Please DONATE (even $1 helps!) to my indie gogo campaign! :) thanks :)

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