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Filmed & Edited by - JahRome

posted up at MASHAFIX.com

Camera - Canon 7D
Lens - Sigma 10mm Fisheye

Location - Livery Design Gruppe Store Front
Huntington Beach, Ca.

Rider - Jakob Santos

Appearance by - Kenny Arimoto

Filmed on - January 5, 2010

I was out filming with professional Fixed Freestyle rider Kenny Arimoto and we just so happen to be in the area of the LIVERYDESIGNGRUPPE.com store front in Huntington Beach, Ca. so we stopped in and said hello to Jakob and the rest of the LDG crew. Jakob as you all know hurt himself on his trip to Barcelona and we are all in anticipation of his recovery and to see him out on his bike again. When we arrived to the LDG shop Jakob came out and greeted us with a mini motorcycle doing wheelies and burnouts. This shit was so sick to see him without the big boot on his leg for the first time in a while. Jakob was not only doing wheelies on the motorcycle but he was doing bar spins, 180's, and wheelies on his bike again as well, not to mention kick flips on a mini Globe plastic board. I expect a fast full recovery from Jakob so be prepared to see him flying over something or grinding something in a town near you soon.

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