Superhero Cheesecake banded together with creative video production company Lux Monkey and created the Nike+ Interactive Retail Experience in a brand new Nike Running store in Exeter, UK. The store contains two display units that visitors in the store can interact with to learn more about Nike+ products.

Nike+ products measure and record the distance and pace of a walk or run and give you feedback throughout. Kits for iPod and iPhone are available, as well as specially designed Nike products such as the Nike+ Sports Band and Sports Watch. You can track your run on the special Nike+ website, where you can also take on challenges or learn about new routes.

The unit consists of a touch-enabled screen, an Apple Mac Mini and a Microsoft Kinect sensor. The Kinect sensor enables you to navigate throughout the experience without touching the screen or using a mouse or keyboard. Simply use swipe movements or hold your hands still to push a button and go to the next screen. It’s an innovative and fun way to navigate through all the four separate routes in the experience.

In the Challenge route you can learn about the most popular challenges currently presented on the Nike+ website.

The Coach route tells you more about the coaching abilities on the Nike+ website that can help you train for a specific goal or event. It also tells you about gait analysis and how to get the perfect running shoe.

The Map It route shows interesting running routes in the area of the store, in this case Exeter. But it also educates about the thousands of routes available on the Nike+ website throughout the world.

The Community route connects you to the the extensive Nike+ community. Online you’ll find lots of other runners trying to achieve the same goals.

At the end of the experience you can join Nike+. This is a simple form where you can enter your email address. The instructions and the application form are then emailed to you because filling out a large form in a store can be a cumbersome. This is also the only functionality that cannot be done with the Kinect sensor: You are asked to step forward to the screen to fill in your email address by clicking on an on-screen keyboard on the touch screen.

The display units also contain physical cases containing the different Nike+ products. You can learn more about the products by clicking on a physical button below the product. This will display a video related to the product button you just clicked on.

The experience was completely produced in Flash by Superhero Cheesecake and the video production was done by Lux Monkey. The demonstration video will give you a basic idea of what it looks like and how it works… but you can only get the full experience in the Nike Running store. Why not pay a visit?

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