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Traditional musical instruments rarely require the artist to engage his/her entire body. Dodecaudion, a Polish invention, challenges this stereotype and brings a new quality into the world of professional music.

What is Dodecaudion? It is the effect of collaboration of panGenerator group and the Hedoco brand. In a nutshell, Dodecaudion is a musical instrument – a spatial controller in the form of a regular dodecahedron. Each face of this device has an ”eye” with integrated infrared sensor which collects information on the presence and distance of the musician’s hands. Therefore, Dodecaudion is a gesticulative instrument which requires the artist to move his/her hands and the entire body, get the palms closer to the device and take them away, and shape them in various configurations. In this way Dodecaudion offers novel, extraordinary stage possibilities: while generating sounds, the user can dance and at the same time open a new dimension of music during a performance or concert.

The heart of Dodecaudion is Arduino, an electronic platform integrated with the device, which could be used thanks to the idea of open technologies (Open Source as well as Creative Commons and MIT licences). Arduino collects data from all sensors and transfers them to the computer, so they can be used not only during live concerts, but also in any other way, from sound processing and synthesis to creating visual effects.

The use of open Arduino platform gives artists an unlimited access to the functions of the instrument, and allows for its reprogramming and adjustment to individual needs. It is an asset of the Open Source which gives the users a possibility to find new solutions and applications by themselves.

Currently, we are working on the production of the first Dodecaudions intended for sale. The target clients are professional musicians from all over the world, DJs, performers, and people fascinated by this unique electronic instrument.

How was Dodecaudion created? The concept developed by four visionary artists forming panGenerator group emerged in autumn 2010. Six month later, Modern Arts Management company joined the project and the works accelerated. The financial support of the Hedoco brand owners brought results: in July 2011, Dodecaudion’s prototype was constructed, and in August, the first concert was held to test the instrument.


Directing, editing, postproduction
Jakub Koźniewski

Director of photography, lighting.
Tomasz Suski

Music, sound engineering, additional editing.
Krzysztof Cybulski

Additional tracks, mixing and sound production
Piotr Michałowski, Maciek Dobrowolski, Szymon Kaliski.

Weronika Lewandowska

Styling, Movie Stills
Katarzyna Grzeszczak

Marta Koguc

Piotr Barszczewski & Krzysztof Goliński


Original concept & design, additional programming
Jakub Koźniewski

Main programming, electronics design.
Piotr Barszczewski

Sound design and sound programming.
Krzysztof Cybulski

CAD documentation, fabrication advisor.
Przemysław Siemiński


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