Two friends (Matt and Laurel) and I (Craig) drove from Salem Oregon to the Department of Safety in Anacortes to see the Mt. Eerie concert. Phil was playing songs that would become 'No Flashlight.' He played an acoustic guitar, and he would tap the drum beat on the guitar, and then say something like, now pretend that the beat continues like that throughout the song. Sometimes he would play the drum beat throughout the song so that we didn't have to imagine.

I recorded the concert using a video camera. I think the quality of the sound is pretty good, and I would like to post it online at some point, unless Phil doesn't want it posted. During the concert, a cell phone rang, interrupting one of the songs. Then Phil stopped and was pretty pissed off. About five minutes later, another cell phone rang, and he stopped in the middle of his song and said something like 'okay, everyone turn off their cell phones. right now.' And he ranted a little bit about Jared Diamond's 'Collapse'. He continued the set, and in the middle of another song, another cell phone rang, and Phil was furious. (I wonder if someone made their cell phone ring on purpose.) I can't remember what he said, but then he apologized for being such an asshole about the cell phones, but then also said that he was still pissed off. If I was him, I would have been annoyed.

One nice thing about Phil's concerts is that he asks the audience if they have any questions. Not always. But sometimes. In this concert Laurel - who doesn't listen to the Microphones or Mt. Eerie - asked Phil what 'Mount Eerie' is or means. Phil's response is ambiguous, he doesn't seem to know... it's what he's trying to explain. I liked how simple a question it is.

The interview came about because Matt (the interviewer) and I were both doing an independent study filmmaking class, and somehow this fit into it. I'm not sure how it fit, as we both proposed to make other films, which we made, but somehow this was part of the class. I'm glad it was.

I really like these two interviews, part 1 and part 2. I've done another interview with Phil in 2006, after a Thanksgiving concert. But it doesn't capture the same sort of moment that this does. I mean, pt. 1 was nearly perfect, since it was one take, 3 minutes, and very unplanned. Both Matt and Phil are good at responding in the moment. The camera was not intimidating to either of them. I thought that the only flaw was Matt and my pre-conceived idea to have even the camera person be asked questions. It didn't work out very well. I hope you enjoy it.

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