music by Jarrad Powell
text by Stonehouse; translation by Red Pine
Jessika Kenney, vocal; Eyvind Kang, viola/electronics
Chapel Performance Space, Seattle, October 8, 2011
Nonsequitur Wayward Music Series

This performance includes four songs from a set of six:
1. when the red sun bites the mountain
2. beyond a door I made but don't close
3. real emptiness is a tranquil sea
4. to get to the end the absolute end

Discovered Red Pine's wonderful translation of the 13th century Zen poet Stonehouse in Powell's Books in Portland many years ago. Began writing these songs down just as a way to remember the poems. Stonehouse admonishes us "not to try singing these poems. Only if you sit on them will they do you any good."

Text: from "The Mountain Poems of Stonehouse," translated by Red Pine, published by Empty Bowl, 1986. Used by permission of Empty Bowl Press

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