Brand new products by Senna bring new improvements to cinematography:


Innovative All Recall Focus system comes in two different versions:

1. wired (700€)
2. wireless (900€)


- The kit comes with an adjustable gear ring that fits any lens.
- It has a unique option of memorizing 4 different points of sharpness, which you can recall at any point of shooting, and also speed replay.
- Recording command on the control panel
- Shutter command for Cannon 5D,
- Travel focus function for in/out range calibration.
- Runs on rechargeable batteries


New improved wireless Five Seconds Head comes with joystick and smart controller.


- Wireless communication with range up to 500 m
- Time Lapse function 90 degrees - 60 minutes, six different speeds
- Six memory points to store favorite scene and also speed replay
- Auto memory recalls and loop cycle
- Motion control – store up to 30 seconds of wanted head movement
- UV joystick backlight for night working mode
- Two ramp modes for smooth starting and stopping
- Tilt and Pan joystick polarity configuration
- Runs on rechargeable batteries


One Minute XL is a new, enlarged model of One Minute Crane. It has all features of the previous model; expect that his arm is 1m larger, so the camera can reach 4,2m in height.
It also has side and top strings for extra stability. Assembling is simplified in the way that stings hold the arm firm without any screws, so it still takes only a minute to set the crane!

For all information please contact Mr. Senad Galijasevic on

Filmed & edited by Robert Balasko
Camera Assistant by Dominik Balasko

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