In today's day and age, technology is advancing rapidly and may soon surpass the extent we had planned for it. We take it with us everywhere we go, and like a dear friend, it is willing to help on command without question or complaint. Of course, we accept it for only its beneficial uses, but how would a friend feel if we only tend to them in our moments of need while ignoring their own wants and feelings? Our loyal robot goes to show this possible side of technology, as he strives to be not just a tool for us, but a fellow companion.

Nguyen Do: Concept, Co-Writer, Live Action Direction, Designer, VFX, Colorist, Co-Producer
Kevin Lam: Co-Writer, Designer, VFX
Steve Lee: Co-Writer, Live Action Direction, Designer, Production Design, VFX, Co-Producer
Michael Wald: Co-Writer, Live Action Direction, Editor, Production Design, VFX, Co-Producer
Directors of Photography: Fabio Bobby Nishimura, Mike Mitchell
Assistant Camera: Kyle Murphey
Starring: Daniel Kwan, Evan Strand, Jennifer Ward
Lead Production Designer: Paul Saskas
Instructor: Kaan Atilla

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