With Luminance, I wanted to bring forward a couple of things that I find important in life.
Freedom. Every person needs some time for their own every ones and a while. Some time to clear the mind. I find it important not to ignore this.
Warmth. I don't mean the weather with this one. Sure, being on the beach on a hot summer's day is nice. But I mean this in a way that's related to friends and family. The warmth you get from people that care.
Adventure. I'm a person that loves to try new things, discover new places. I find this in traveling.
Joy. Life would be pretty boring without this. One of the things I enjoy allot is surfing.
Health. Treat yourself and others in a good way.

That about sums up the meaning I had with this animation video.

The music I used was "Day Of The Lords" by "Joy Division".

This was an assignment for school. You can find more info about the school here:
Devine - devine.be

More info about me travels around somewhere over here:
Robby Schaubroeck - robbyschaubroeck.be

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