Sweet Tweet is the first project to come out of Uniform's research platform, ULAB.

We've been exploring the idea of Physical Apps, objects that connect to the internet to perform dedicated tasks, enabling users to access information or services without using a standard interface like a mouse, keyboard or touchscreen.

Sweet Tweet is an extension of this idea. We wanted to create a physical app that connected our studio to our Twitter followers, alerting us all each time we get a new follower. We’d also just made our Philosophy film and there seemed to be a great opportunity to bring it to life. So we created a cuckoo clock that dispenses sweets for our team to eat, each time we get a new follower on Twitter. Now every time we’re followed everyone in the studio shares a very tangible, glanceable and aural notification as our clock toots and tweets a sweet, which makes us all smile.

Follow us on twitter at twitter.com/uniformtweets

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