A video work made for Volume 1 "The Swomp" of Dexian Racking and inspired by the infamous TV series by David Lynch, "Twin Peaks".

Dexian Racking is an online multimedia project created and curated by Brad Swob. It’s a website that publishes mixes of music, short stories and digital art in thematically linked volumes. Each volume starts with a mix of music and an object selected by Brad Swob. Writers are encouraged to submit short/micro stories (600 word limit) loosely inspired by the mix of music and the selected object. Graphic designers, illustrators, photographers and video artists are encouraged to submit work based on the same. All submissions are required by a deadline and the entire volume of work goes live on the Dexian Racking website shortly thereafter. A new mix and object is posted and the process repeats.

See all the works submitted for Dexian Racking over at >>> dexianracking.com/

Editing, Production & Sound created by Warren Handley 2010.

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