On October 27, 2011, Drs. Anil Puri and Mira Farka presented the 17th Annual Economic Forecast entitled: "Where’s My Boom?! Growth and Sustainability in the New Economy."

Video Timeline:
Introduction: Lucy Dunn, President and CEO, Orange County Business Council
8:30 Dr. Steve Murray, CSUF Vice President of Academic Affairs, introduces Dr. Milton Gordon, CSUF President, and expresses appreciation for his over 20 years of service to the CSUF campus and to the region.
12:45 Dr. Milton Gordon's "Thank You" speech.
15:05 Lucy Dunn and Bill Cave, US Bank, introduce Dr. Anil Puri and begin the forecast with an overview of the economic conditions.
33:42 Dr. Mira Farka examines four areas of the economy that will make it a "long slog ahead."
53:01 Dr. Anil Puri gives the Economic Forecast.
(Note: It may take a little time for the video to load at a selected timecode).

The presentation by Richard Davis, Chairman, President, and CEO of U.S. Bancorp will be presented in a separate video.

The full 2012 Economic forecast will be at: business.fullerton.edu/forecast

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