LATEST UPDATES - 2012 international educational schedule will be constantly updated in the upcoming months (bottom of post). thank you.

added boracay, philipines july 2012.

with the release of the new canon 5d3, i figured id share a few more commercials i've shot in the past few years with my beloved canon 5d2...

a few years ago; i met famous celebrity chef Massimo on set and didn't' know who he was. only after seeing the groups of middle aged women flocking and stalking the friendly super mario like figure; did i start asking my friend's and family if they had heard of him.

my f&f pretty much laughs at me as it turns out he's one of the most famous celebrity chef's in Canada; been cityTv restaurant makeover numerous times, has article's about him in pretty much every single newspaper/food website in the country; and when i later opened my e-mail to check out Samsung's latest products' newsletter; I see none other then Massimo Capra representing Samsung as their official appliance spokesperson.

in my experience, massimo was courteous, very comfortable in front of the camera, and just downright HILARIOUS; it became immediately obvious to me that i would have to showcase a slice of his warm persona and comic character in this commercial.

thank you chef Massimo! i still need to eat at one of your restaurants!


conceptualized and directed by myw in summer 2010

"two the beat" used with permission. thank you

- shot with Canon 5dmkii's in 24p.
- zeiss zf 50/2, zeiss 35/f2 (going to sell this beautiful lens), zeiss 100/2 makro, zeiss 21/2.8

- cinevate atlas 10
- steadicam pilot
- manfrotto 561b monpods.

- interviews were all shot via zeiss 50/2 zf; all cooking sequences were also double covered as well.
- the entire dance sequence was shot with my trusty original zeiss 35/2 zf in natural light.
- a handful of little 150w lowel pro-lights performed art direction duties adding scones to help texturize backgrounds
- 4 bank kinos provided the key and fills for the interview.

- $5 whitecards were complete lifesavers when shooting outside (eliminating blowouts while providing natural bounce-fills when needed) during the wrong times of day.

-Sennheiser wireless + TASCAM audio recorder (boom mic's on order for 2012).
-SOUNDSOAP completed audio cleanup. i have to point out that Soundsoap is FAST + EASY to learn and use. huge thanks to Ray Roman for showing me this software.

-prores 422 as a master file, but for web/iphone/appleTv i finally gave try to the 10mps iphone4/ipad format. i couldn't help by notice 720p 5mpbs was producing heavy compression artifacting from all exterior shots with an abundance of leaves/shadows/nature.

the 10mpbs iphone4/ipad format gave me a HUGE bounceback in quality.

best of all is that this larger format streams and plays flawlessly to the various appleTv's throughout my home without problem. :)


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if you would like to share films; feel free to add me as a contact on vimeo. thank you.

looking forward to meeting many of you in the near future as I will be speaking @:

infocus // charleston; south carolina USA // jan 2012
*thank you to my friends, colleagues + students alike for the wonderful reception given to me*

exposed down under // sydney; australia // early july 2012
myw returns to Australia for the first time in 2 years.

mayad academy // boracay; philipines // late july 2012
myw is honoured to share the stage alongside some of Philippines top event/broadcast talent.

FULL 2012 educational schedule will be continuously updated throughout the year.

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