It’s like electricity running through your body and a volcano exploding in your head — that is the experience of drinking Coke’s energy drink, Burn… in Russia. Approached to design and execute the animated portion of these spots, we created another CG and cel extravaganza, this time with our new friends at Fibr Film in Moscow.


Creative Director: Ryan Honey
Executive Producer: Maurie Enochson
Producer: Nick Terzich
Associate Producer: Eric Badros
Associate Creative Director: Jeremy Sahlman
VFX Supervisor: Doug Wilkinson
Art Directors: Joe Mullen, Jon Gorman
Design: Joe Mullen, Jon Gorman
3D Artists: Steve Day, Matt Everton, Ivan Sokol, Doug Appleton, Andres Weber, Ryan Kirkwood, Randa Mohtady
Cel Animation: Philip Pignotti, Kathleen Quaife, John Armstrong, Jeff Zikry, Joe Mullen, Kendra Ryan
Rotoscoping: Eric Hu
Compositors: Steve Day, Jon Gorman, Moses Journey, Ryan Kirkwood
Editor: Aristides Zamora
Assistant: Ashley Hsieh
Software: Maya, After Effects

Client: Coke Burn
Agency: Fibr Film

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