Guitar cover of 'The Age Of Kings' performed by Chris Ward.

The song was originally composed by Stephen Rippy & Kevin McMullan and was used as the main theme on the Age Of Empires II soundtrack in 2000.

This cover was recorded using the following equipment:

Jackson KVX10 electric guitar with Seymour Duncan pickups
Dean four string bass with standard Dean pickups
Yamaha AX100 semi-acoustic guitar
Dell Inspiron 1520 laptop
Cubase 6 software
Line 6 Toneport
Halion Sonic SE

The video comprises of a slideshow of screenshots from a standard Age Of Empires II random map game that I played (Teutons Vs Franks).

I do not claim any ownership of the original music or images in the video, and all credit goes to the original creators of both the game and its theme.

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