A visualisation of collaborative editing on the project wiki for Patina (Personal Architectonics Through Interactions with Artifacts) patina.ac.uk. The visualisation was created using processing.org and the mediawiki api using wikitools code.google.com/p/python-wikitools for python. The visualisation was created as a java applet and posted back to the wiki itself giving users feedback about current wiki activity.

source code is available here: github.com/tomschofield/patina-wiki-visualisation

user circles
each patina wiki user is represented by a circle bearing their initials. Their activity within the selected date range is represented by the two coloured strips which surround the user. The inner purple strip represents the number of edits made by that user on pages that only that user has edited (no collaborative editing), the outer green strip represents edits on pages which others are editing.

page nodes
the small circles in the centre represent individual pages. Displayed page nodes are those which have been edited within the selected date range.

page node timeline
The page nodes are arranged in chronological order of creation from the centre spiralling outwards.

mouse over user circle
Pages edited by this user are highlighted in colour. The highlight colour corresponds to the coloured strips on the user circle with non collaborative edits highlighted in purple and edits on pages also edited by other highlighted in green.

mouse over page node
Users who have edited this page within the whole date range of the wiki are connected by lines and the title of the page is displayed.

gui corner
The search field searches page titles and highlights page nodes containing that search term with an orange circle. The date slider selects the date range to be viewed and the "animate" button runs through the whole date range.

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