So I'm pretty stoked to have one of these things. I actually hated them for a long time for no apparent reason....maybe because I knew I sucked at using them...but all I needed was a little practice. The thing that got me buying was having the idea that I could shoot a "crane" shot...kinda.....if I tilted the slider onto it's side! And, I'm wrapped with the results. It's such a subtle movement but it adds magic to a shot in a way that the obvious Glidecam can't. It's now a part of my kit and will go everywhere I go. I love this shit!!

Camera > Canon 5D mark II (using CiniStyle picture preset)

Lenses used > 24mm f2.8 (Nikkor AiS and Olympus Zuiko - all shot at f11)

Slider model > Opteka 23" from eBay ($159)

Color Grade/Editing software > EDIUS 6

The Boy > Robert Bonnici (Thanks man!)

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