As part of Mountain Dew’s new logo launch, the brand team at Pepsi asked us to conceive, direct and produce a short animation exploring the evolution of the Dew Brand. We decided to take a walk through history (packed with historical taglines), starting with Dew’s country roots as a moonshine mixer and getting progressively more urban as we move to modern times.


Directed by Buck
Creative Directors: Thomas Schmid, Orion Tait
Producer : Erica Hirshfeld
Associate Producer : Kitty Dillard
Production Coordinator : Kevin Hall
Art Direction : Thomas Schmid
Cel Animation Director : Aaron Augenblick
3d Animation Director : Joshua Harvey
Technical Director : Paul America
Illustrator : Josh Cochran, Thomas Schmid
Cel Character Animation : Augenblick Studios
3d Animator : Joshua Harvey, David Soto, Adam Pearlman, Morgan James, Kevin Hall, Pete McDonald, Ish Nazmi, Jeff Su
Cel Animator : Thomas Scmid, Pete McDonald, Joe Mullen
Compositor : Conrad Ostwald, Emmett Dzieza
Designer : Ben Langsfeld, Yker Moreno
Editor : Sam Goetz
Music Composer: Adam Schlesinger
Additional Music Arrangement: Jared Gustat
Actor : Thomas Schmid

Client: Pepsi-Cola Company
Executive Producer, Mountain Dew: Barry Rosen
Director, Mountain Dew: Marisol Tamaro
Senior Manager, Mountain Dew: Brett O’Brien
Manager, Mountain Dew: Lisa Grey

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