Years ago the idea behind technology was to give people more free time from work and give us a better life. So nowadays, with the possibility for the majority of people to have access to electronics and hi tech, is it true that we have more spare time and a better quality of life?

To create Addictions, me and Giovanni Bucci wanted to match the music styles we really love, so we decided to influence each others, for this project.

As producer, arranger and co-writer of the track I have chosen to mix some dark-ish electro/indie-dance elements with metal guitars and glitchy textures working together with dirty synths.
We envisaged a unique soundtrack reminding the sound of neon and night lights with a kind of suspense feeling from the main synth riff.For that sound I used a late 70s arpeggiator from Arp 2600, a truly must for synth lovers !

We also decided to not underline too much the score with broadcast SFXs, too obvious for a genuine music video. I have used some from my "deconstructed" library but they take part of the groove in the mix, listeners can slightly to perceiving them, but they are not invasive at all.

Giovanni pushed a lot to get a semi-final track ready to be the guide of the first video cut and sync. As we always believed in a really strong audio-visual integration , at the final stage we refined the work with a series of middle steps, me working on the video synch and Giovanni adjusting the frames with the just-improved sound.

This is an audio/visual project where sound and images were developed synchronically from the beginning and where one was guide to the other and vice-versa until final completion. In order to do this, for director Giovanni Bucci was very important to be involved with writing the track together with sound designer/music producer Marco Morano.
The team came up with the concept and started researching music and visuals that would suit the mood and atmosphere they wanted for the video, experimenting with sound, graphic styles and techniques. To produce this project many different disciplines and elements were used: green screen, stop motion animation, filming with macro, editing, motion graphics, visual effects, styling, make up, sound design.

Directed by
Giovanni Bucci

Audio Design & Music Production by Marco Morano
Written by Marco Morano and Giovanni Bucci
c 2011 Hoxtonlab and Giovanni Bucci Ltd
p 2011 Hoxtonlab and Giovanni Bucci Ltd

Filmed and Edited by
Giovanni Bucci

Design & Animation
Giovanni Bucci, Paola Rocchetti

Styling & Make Up
Paola Rocchetti

Filmed at Strani Rumori Studio

Links to artist's personal website:
Marco Morano:
Giovanni Bucci:
Paola Rocchetti:


LAMA - Los Angeles Movie Awards - 2011
Los Angeles, US
Category: Music Video
Winner: Award of Excellence and Best Costume Design

4th Annual Zero Film Festival - 2011
New York, US
Official Selection

UK Film Festival - 2012
London, UK

NXNE - North by Northeast Festivals and Conference - 2012
Toronto, Canada

New York International Film Festival in LA - 2011
Sherman Oaks, US

3rd Annual New Media FIlm Festival - 2011
San Francisco Bay Area, US
Official Selection

Shockfest Film Festival of Hollywood - 2011
Los Angeles, US
Official Selection - Opening Nightmare Screening

X FEST Film Festival - 2011
Cape Town, South Africa

Bideodromo - 2011
Bilbao, Spain

Kinofest - 2011
Bucharest, Romania
Competitive Micromovie

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