Liu Fang transmits in an expressive and erudite way the beauty and grace of Chinese traditional classical music, while drawing out the subtle sonorities of the pipa and the guzheng. Through the power and sensitivity of her playing, she gives renewed interpretations of the ancient repertory, of the poetic as well as the martial styles. The growing admiration from listeners – experts and novices alike – attests to the great appreciation and respect for this highly talented musician.
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About the music:
Autumn moon on a calm lake – Composed by Lu Wencheng (1898-1981) based on a folk melody from Zhejiang Province, however in a traditional Cantonese music style. The inspiration was from the beautiful Xihu (The West Lake) near Hangzhou (capital of Xhejiang), depicting the soft breeze blowing over the calm lake in the evening with threes branches swinging gently on the lake shore and the lotus flowers floating on the lake.

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