A deceptively simple video for a deceptively simple product: Voice Search. With two short weeks of production, we threw caution to the wind, and worked around the clock, combining two time-consuming animation techniques, cel animation and stop motion.


Directed and Produced by Buck
Creative Director: Orion Tait
Executive Producer: Anne Skopas
Producer: Kitty Dillard
Production Coordinator: Billy Mack
Colorist: Seth Ricart
Audio: Antfood

Art Direction: Gareth O’Brien
Storyboards: Gareth O’Brien, Chad Colby
Design: Gareth O’Brien, Pete McDonald
Illustration: Pete McDonald
Stop Motion Animation: Gareth O’Brien, Chad Colby, Jeremy Bronson, Mathew Amonson
Cel Animation: Efrain Clintron, Gene Lee
AE Animation: Waleed Zaiter
Prop & Construction: Leah Berkowitz, Janet Kim, Junko Shimizu, Michael Magliazzo, Victoria Grant
Lead Composite: Conrad Ostwald
Composite: Chad Colby, Gareth O’Brien
Edit: Chad Colby, Gareth O’Brien, Conrad Ostwald
DP: Mathew Amonson

Client: Google
Agency: Google

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