This is a test of the Similaar suite of Flaat Picture Styles for Canon DSLRs:

Also, this is a technical test. If you'd rather watch an actual short film shot with Flaat, go for Chasing Liberty:

Now, about this one...

First, sorry for the handheld shakyness in some of the shots: I have a job, and for daylight shots I could either wait till the weekend or take the camera -but not the tripod- to work

The "final image" benchmark is Portrait with Contrast=-1 and Saturation=-2

The contenders are:
Standard with Contrast=-4 and Saturation=-2
Portrait with Contrast=-4 and Saturation=-2
Neutral with Contrast=-4 and Saturation=-2
Marvels Cine, as they distribute it (Contrast=-3)
Technicolor CineStyle, as they distribute it (Contrast=-4)
Flaat 1 through 4 (Sharpness=2, Contrast=-4, Saturation=-2)

Bear in mind that Flaat_3 and Flaat_4 are not day-to-day options: they're designed to expand the DR by bringing up the shadows, and they'll deliver more noise than other options.

What you should be looking for is:
* Flaat delivers nice skin tones
* Flaat_1 and Flaat_2 deliver images just as clean as the best alternatives (and are easier to grade, but you won't see that here: you'll have to play with them yourself)
* Flaat_3 and Flaat_4 will have more noise out of the camera, but they expand the dynamic range of the camera substantially, and should deliver cleaner images if the alternative is to shoot with another picture style and then bring up the shadows

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