PARCS is a room-shaping furniture portfolio that creates an unique working environment for meetings, teamwork, presentations,
waiting and relaxing. Efficient and dynamic collaborations are achieved through the design by combing the PARCS elements to form various settings. The design feels familiar and unobstrusive, yet at the same time it is very modern.

Work environments that utilise PARCS give the feel of miniature-scale urban landscapes filled with people as they stroll through, meet and greet each other, have a quick chat or stay for a longer conversation, for a meeting.

PARCS umfasst drei Typologien: die Causeways, die Toguna und die Wing-Serie. Alle Elemente sind flexibel kombinierbar und bieten Raum für unterschiedliche Tätigkeiten. Eine bestimmte Art der Nutzung ist nicht vorgegeben, und genau darin liegt das Innovative des Designs: Es öffnet persönlichen Freiraum. Einen spannenden Kontrast bilden die orthogonalen (rechtwinkeligen) Causeways mit den organischen Formen der Wing-Serie und der Toguna. So lässt sich ein abwechslungsreiches und motivierendes Arbeitsumfeld gestalten.

PARCS is a loose furniture programme that facilitates flexibility and adaptability. All elements of PARCS, the Toguna, the Wings and the Causeways, can be configured in many ways, serving the needs of reception and break out areas or providing specific places for quiet contemplation as well as social interaction. Always with the aim to create multi-functional work environments.

Clever media integration accommodates and enables mobile working and presenting (eg integrated power points for lap tops or VDU screens for presentations and team work). Integrated lighting not only illuminates the area, but subtly delineates spaces.

Video courtesy of BENE

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