Finally, here it is, my Cinematography Reel!

Thanks to Gio Puyat for being patient about this. It took me some time to put together images from the past 7 years, but we ended up using a lot more of the recent stuff. We went for something thats not exactly a demo reel, but more of a mood piece. These shots are closest to me, and a type of photography I've learned to love through the years.

Special thanks goes to everyone I've worked with, people in production, actors and musicians. Most especially thanks to my directors, whom I truly admire and respect. You have created amazing stories, visuals and poetry on screen.

Before I start sounding too pretentious; here it is, the reel of a guy who loves being behind the camera, and would rather be no place else.

Dedicated to ISK Productions and Prod Madnezz
Music by Foals - Spanish Sahara
Edited by Gio Puyat of ManilaMan Production

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