The story behind this short film starts a long time ago in a little girl's dream. My sister had the same dream over and over again when she was just a little girl, dream of meeting this unknown man in the woods. He held a book in his hand and even thou she never seen him before, she felt this irresistible desire to be around him.
Time passed, she almost forgot about the dream when she met Tommy Riddell. They became really close and she shared the dream with him. Tommy was fascinated by it and wrote a poem called "The Stranger in The Woods".
And that's when I come in :)
Hearing my sister's story and Tommy's interpretation I decided to visualize the dream. In this short film I use lots of different techniques that I used before and also I had to learn a lot of new ones to bring the dream to reality. I hope everyone will enjoy watching it just as much as I enjoyed making it.

Want to thank Anzhelika Belyaeva for technical support [her awesome macro lens] and Kara Hengle for being a starring actress.
Poetry by Tommy Riddell
Cinematography by Roman Lukjanenko
Music: Lisa Gerrard & Patrick Cassidy - "Elegy"
Based on Oksana Lukjanenko's dream.

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