Interaction is the secret sauce of the web. Understanding interaction is key to understanding the web as its own medium—it’s not print, it’s not television, and it’s certainly not the desktop.

Learn how to wield HTML, CSS, and JavaScript to craft experiences that are native to the web in this intellectually thrilling presentation by Jeremy Keith -- author, HTML5 For Web Designers (A Book Apart, 2011), Bulletproof Ajax (New Riders, 2007) and DOM Scripting (Friends of Ed, 2005).

From AN EVENT APART SAN DIEGO, 2010 -- Nov. 1–2, 2010 Westin Gas Lamp Quarter.

An Event Apart is the design conference for people who make websites. Founded by Eric Meyer and Jeffrey Zeldman, and dedicated to the proposition that the creators of great web experiences deserve a great learning experience, An Event Apart brings together twelve of the leading minds in web design for three days of non-stop inspiration and enlightenment. For more information, visit

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