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This video is inspired by the new book ABUNDANCE, written by X-Prize Founder and Singularity University co-founder, Peter Diamandis and writer Steven Kotler. In it, they explain how exponentially emerging technologies can be leveraged to address humanity's grand challenges...

The possibilities are dazzling.

For more information on their epic book, check out


The Beginning Of Infinity -

You are a RCVR -

To Understand Is To Perceive Patterns -

Imagination -

I was incredibly inspired! You will be too.

**This is a non-commercial mashup incorporating or inspired by:

/Aaron Koblin
/Cheryl Colan
/Grant Kayl
/Katie Armstrong
/Page Stephenson
/Jesse Kanda
/Jared Raab
/Angela Palmer
/Pedro Miguel Cruz
/Takuya Hosogane
/Rob Whitwort

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