If your interested in downloading the hi-res 1080p version, click the download link at the end of the video. The file is 2.6GB is size and encoded with ProRes 422 HQ. Right click save-as to save it to your desktop, or simply click to open it in your browser.

We had the opportunity to recieve a pre-production model of Canon's C300 digital cinema camera to test out. Although we only had a few days with it, we were able to jump right in & run it through all the tests that we had in mind. The first day we had it, it was a rainstorm outside so we decided to do indoor tests running the gamut --> color charts, resolution, ergonomics, learning the menus, etc. Although these things were important, its really all about what the camera can produce when you go out and actually shoot with it.

In the film piece above we shot during a ferry ride in the San Juan Is.

Everything was shot either handheld, on a monopod, or on a steadicam... no tripods for this shoot.

Lenses used: Canon 35mm f1.4L and the Canon 24-105 f/4L with IS. One shot is with the 70-200 f/2.8 L, can you guess which one?

I decided to write up a full in-depth review of the C300 on our blog. You can check it out HERE --> short link version -->

I will post a downloadable full 1080p ProRes 422 HQ version here in the next few days so check back if your interested.

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