In an attempt to describe the Frize brand new flavor. "Imagine your boyfriend hanging clothes whilst making a guava mousse? Waking up at night and have a Koala always at hand? Dive with your mouth wide open into a giant ice-cream? Shove a flock of penguins in the middle of the North Pole or keep a friend in the refrigerator to give you refreshing hugs? Can you imagine all this?
Forget it, has nothing to do.

FRIZE guava flavor
Agency. Norma Jean
Client. Frize
Director. Carlos Fofi Cipriano
Director of Photography. Andre Szankowski
Production Designer. Carlos Fofi Cipriano
Puppeteer/ Kasou Taishou choreographer. Carlos Fofi Cipriano
Art Director. Carla Brazão
Costume Designer. Arranca Corações
Production. Miss Dolores
Post Production. Bikini + Mario Domingos
Editor. Sergio
2011, 5d + Red

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