This is LiNK's brand new documentary on the real crisis in North Korea. We will be launching The People's Crisis this spring on our nation-wide tour (United States and Canada). If you would like to book a FREE screening of the film, please click the link below.

About the documentary:

The real crisis in North Korea is not about its reclusive leaders or its nuclear weapons. It is about 24 million people living under the most ruthless system of political oppression ever assembled by humankind. The North Korean people have suffered through crippling poverty, humanitarian disasters, chronic food shortages and a denial of even the most basic of freedoms.

This documentary offers a comprehensive overview of the North Korean people's crisis, featuring interviews with North Korean refugees who have escaped, their journey to freedom, expert analysis, and insight into some of the little-known grass-roots changes that are happening inside the country.

Music by Ben Lukas Boysen

Learn more at:

*The People's Crisis is the final cut of the Hiding documentary.

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