Wind Wall is a 32’ high and 85’ long wall of wind-activated pendulums covering the entire front façade of LIGO’s Science Education Center. Each pendulum is magnetically coupled with its neighbor so that the whole wall reveals beautiful fluid-like motions as energy is transferred from one pendulum to the next. The artwork transforms a static building façade into a slowly undulating surface similar to a large piece of fabric rippling in the wind. With winds greater than 15 knots, the wall’s coherent wave-like movement becomes more chaotic as the pendulums break their mutual magnetic coupling. The pendulums can also be manually activated by LIGO Science Education Center visitors.

Developed through a unique collaboration between Exploratorium artists Shawn Lani, Charles Sowers, and Peter Richards, LIGO scientists, the engineering firm, High Precision Devices, and the architect, Eskew+Dumez+Ripple, the artwork mirrors the themes of the Science Center - wave propagation, gravity, resonance and light - and is directly related to LIGO's mission to detect gravitational waves.

LIGO (Laser Inferometer Gravitational-wave Observatory)
Livingston Parish, LA

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