DUSTED CRUTCH - ALEPH א ܐ ا (official music video)


Sticks: Marko
Corrs: Angela
Strings: Tvrtko
Fingers: Andrija

RECORDED: by Luka Čabo at "Radiona"
MIXED: by Damir Šimunović
MASTERING: by Carl Saff at Saffmastering


DIRECTED BY: Tvrtko aka Vidokk
CAST: Nikolina, Object 033, Object 040.
CAMERA: Angela, Tvrtko
STORYLINE: Angela, Tvrtko

This little story contains 25 scenes plus the ending - 1 plus 1 - scene which were made separately.
Durations were variable.
All the 25 scenes were made by not regarding final montage with the song.
I set up 2 different scenery.
1. Blue and white scenes with a little black and glimpse of red in elements.
2. Green and white scenes with black and glimpse of red in elements.
All material was roughly shot at one indoor predesigned location and some material was shot in front of a greenscreen.
There was no storyboard!
Than I began choosing best and most interesting parts of the young actress act.
I began building greenscreen shots in After Effects decided to make some kind of a strange world, combination of SIN CITY and space feel, floating.
I used window rain shot to make 3d space, and it was hard because it was not intent to be a space or some kind of strange world, this (with classic look) could be done using particle world or RG particural, or some other stuff, but i wanted it to look different.
I saw this world blue with white elements, like white roads that are growing into space. For actress character I used many coloring from standard after effects to some of Red Giants.
I also used layers of the same shots of actress but with different effects on the layer and then I animate it that they combine together.
I used many different effects.
5 different layers of coloring to achieve green look then I used starglow to make green glow,
Also I animate AE light to control starglow effect.
And that was the tricky part because every scene was shot with different original point of light source.
I tried to animate elements like they are more on the ground, on walls, except first or scene where is a floating smoke.
For some green scenes I used motiontile effect with some combinations.
For every scene ( not regarding animations ) there were some custom combinations of effects.
Also I wanted to make some connections between green and blue world, so I put 3 graphic characters in story.
1. is heart ( representing the obvious),
2. is element that is pointing in 4 directions ( so it can represent closing or opening ).
These two are main characters and then you have the 3rd element, flourish, like supporting element growing in both of these worlds.
Every scene from 4 seconds to longest 12 seconds were made and than rendered in Quick time.
So you got a 30GB of material about 3 minutes long with really nice quality.
Then I took it from beginning with Premiere pro and montage.
In one point there was option to put all of this 25 separate projects through dinamic link between AE
and PP into Premiere but it would be very difficult to cut and to preview all of this, so i decided to
render 25 scenes in Quick time.
Shot in 25 frames, rendered in 25 frames, with best quality settings (Animation).
Then i began cutting those scenes and listen the song, so you got that feel like you re watching
segments of scenes which you are actually doing. But instead of 25 scenes you have 812 clips.
I also decided to combine these worlds in the same time, so that you have green and blue world in
the same moment. Like a preview of a scene that will happen.
So I animated that in Premiere Pro.
Also I wanted to brought more subliminal red in the video generally, cause i felt that human eye(brain) would be in more action that way.
So I made additional small clips of those 3 graphic elements, red on black, and so that in some places they would make transitions.
Also I made 5-15 long frames, layer of red fog so i used it also as subliminal transition in some places.
The end of this song is more dramatic so I wanted to go on the next level with it.
So i designed new world (2 : 47) 24 still pictures that are representing 25 scenes on a
floating video wall in that blue space, with additional (optical flares) green sun in background.
So it represents some type of matrix for the main female character and the elements.
In the last seconds of the action (2 : 59) when there is a little theme on a guitar i wanted all those
pictures from the wall listed like in the beginning of every Marvel movie.
And that s it!
Sorry for my english it s not my first language.
Tvrtko aka Vidokk

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