**Winner: Best Student Film, New Jersey Film Festival, Fall 2012**
**Winner: Best Documentary, 2012 New Lens Film Festival, Mason Gross School of the Arts**
Rutgers University and Princeton University are two of the oldest colleges in the country. Chartered during colonial America, then as Queens College and The College of New Jersey, respectively, the two colleges formed an instant rivalry being only twenty miles apart. After the Revolutionary War, a cannon used in the Battle of Princeton and by Alexander Hamilton to help Washington retreat to Trenton was left behind in New Brunswick, and Rutgers students claimed it as their own. Years later, paperwork surfaced that proved ownership of the cannon belonged to Princeton's armory, and Princeton reclaimed it from Rutgers. It became a heated dispute between students, and after Rutgers defeated Princeton in the first ever college football game, Princeton's ownership of the cannon fueled the already heated rivalry. On one night in 1875, nine Rutgers students drove via horse and buggy to Princeton to steal the cannon. Thus, the Rutgers-Princeton Cannon War began.

To this day, there are still traditions kept alive by students at the New Jersey universities, and dispute over the cannon has not ended. This story follows a Rutgers student in his journey to learn about the storied rivalry, and to make his mark by keeping century-old traditions alive.

This is my first documentary. Let me know what you think. Shot with a Canon XA-10

Directed and Produced by Zack Morrison
Co-Produced by Christopher M. Pasi

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